Colin Keeley - How/Why to buy or sell a business

In this episode we go full send on the business side of IndieRails and explore with Colin how buying/selling a small SAAS works (as small as a couple of hundred MRR to 5m ARR) and the differences in building a company and buying.

Colin shares his knowledge and experience in going from many startup attempts to now buying multiple established software companies through his holding company Verne.  

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Verne (holding company)
5:40 - Seller Financing
8:40 - Selling a business
9:02 - Why buy vs build?
11:15 - Are you a starter or a scaler?
12:30 - Getting experience running a saas as a developer
13:34 - Buying/Selling example breakdown
15:00 - ROI on buying a business (double your money slide)
15:50 - Brokers and Marketplaces
16:05 - How to make your company attractive to PE
17:25 - How much cash would you need to buy a business?
18:23 - SBA Loans
18:45 - How to raise money?
19:40 - Constellation Software
20:55 - Partial / Minority Equity
21:30 - Due diligence
21:54 - How do you find a partner?
22:40 - Andrew Wilkinson & Chris Sparling
23:50 - Due diligence on the deal side (course & community)
24:30 - Working in an industry that you know. “All software tastes like chicken.”
25:30 - Game plan after acquisition
27:55 - Customer trust: in brand or person/founder?
30:10 - Marketing and Using Twitter
31:00 - (writing threads)
31:45 - Promotional channels
32:45 - What should you be building right now?

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Colin Keeley - How/Why to buy or sell a business
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