Jeremy and Jess interview indie developers who have a passion for the Rails framework and bring their hustle and creativity to building businesses. They strive to understand the challenges these developers face and how they are overcoming them to create successful businesses.

You're a army of one or a solo solopreneur. You're a self starter. You may enjoy collaborating, networking, pairing or working with others, but ultimately you want to be independent.

You’re a rails developer. You enjoy learning and programming and you really don’t want to start a business or be in a business without rails. Rails is your lifelong framework partner.

You enjoy entrepreneurship, creating businesses, and the flexibility to pivot, grow, and chart your own course. You might be interested in any of these spaces: SaaS, Freelance, Bootstrap, Course creator, Productized Service, Enterprise software, Agency, Community. 

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Ayush Newatia Unplugged - Writing Code and Writing Prose

In this episode, we dive into the multifaceted world of technology, creativity, and storytelling. We have the honor of hosting Ayush Newatia, a seasoned Ruby developer...

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